Fit and agile - there's always room for improvement!

Dear Anifit team,

Basically, I never had the feeling that my cat Caspian had "a problem"... cats sleep a lot... and even though he had been given the nickname "Bolle" by a family member, according to the vet's opinion, at almost 7kg he was by no means too fat for his size.

I came to Anifit a bit "like a virgin to a child" - through a lot of hearsay, from my mother who had attended a lecture - then reading and ultimately the conviction that I wanted to give my dry food puppy a healthy diet, just as I do for us humans.

The changeover was really not easy! Four weeks of consistency and mixing "old" and "new" food - as well as warm water and fish or meat seasoning alternating with salmon oil - made the transition easier.

It took four weeks for the food to be fully accepted. At the same time, we noticed side effects that still delight us today: Fewer and non-smelling faeces, significantly more urine output (good for the kidneys), no more begging for food (before I weighed him out and he steadily gained weight, now he gets as much as he wants - and maintains his ideal weight), silky-soft coat and immense agility. He wants to play, play and play.

After eight weeks, he had lost 700g and has maintained this weight to this day. Our previously "not fat cat" can now be called "sporty". I think he is simply doing well all round! He'll do almost anything for the salmon bites - that's our No. 1 "clicker tool".

You don't need a sick animal to notice a positive change, because things can always get better.

Thank you very much!

Anke Roski

May, 2018

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