Our Anifit story!





We are delighted that you are joining us on our eventful journey to Anifit. You'll see that it won't be one of those boring stories or testimonials, it's a real journey of experience that you'll go through with us. First of all, I'm sure you're interested in who we are. We have two grown-up children, two dogs, three cats, a large koi pond and a saltwater aquarium. We have been breeders for many years and run a dog school.

Our "problem child" from the very beginning was our Golden Retriever, which we took over from a family at the age of three because the family's child suffered from an allergy. Goldi Blade suffered from constantly recurring skin diseases. One day he had a nosebleed that lasted for hours, so we had to take him to a clinic. As it happens in life, the nosebleed stopped just as we arrived at the clinic. Examinations were carried out, from MRI to CT, and nothing was found. However, we were 1500 euros lighter. Later in his life, he suddenly started bleeding from the anus and was diagnosed with a benign bowel tumour, which was successfully operated on. At the same time, he was neutered at the age of 8 due to a severely enlarged prostate. But that was not the end of it, because our Blade now had extreme bad breath and his coat became dry and shaggy and he smelled very unpleasant. Whenever our daughter came home during the school holidays, she would send him away with the words: "No, go away, you stink".

It was at this time that we started to look into the subject of "nutrition". Barfing seemed like a good way to feed our dogs a healthy diet. So we went out and bought an extra freezer, ordered meat, bought fresh vegetables and lots of additives such as oils and powders. The effort was huge and so were the costs involved. Not to mention that a freezer also consumes electricity. Barfeeding at the holiday resort was often not really relaxing either.

Our first cat, Fina, who is now 9 years old, is a European shorthair cat that we adopted from an animal shelter when she was 5 years old. She spends a lot of time outside and is not a cuddly cat. She was fed the sachets of wet food pumped full of attractants that you can buy everywhere. There were times when she ate very badly and left the food out.

At that time we were looking for a good breeder for British Shorthair cats. We came across Annett S. and were delighted. Not only did she breed really great and healthy cats, but we finally found exactly the food we were looking for for our animals. We finally reached the end of our journey. Anifit came into our lives.

From that day on, we switched our old cat to Anifit. Cats are said to be very picky eaters. Our Fina ate the Anifit cat food straight away, there was no nagging from her side and she has been eating really well since that day and no longer has phases where she loses weight and walks around like a skeleton.

When our daughter visits, our Goldi is no longer sent away because he has bad breath or stinks. We took a chance and didn't tell her about the change of food to see if it really is the case that the food has brought about a change. It really does!!!!! In addition, we haven't needed a vet for him since then, he is healthy and lively despite his age of almost 11 years.

We particularly like the fact that Anifit only uses meat approved for human consumption, because this means you can mix it into your family's pasta and have conjured up a wholesome meal. A little fun is a must!

Our journey with Anifit now continues. We are so convinced by this truly ingenious food that we have decided to work for Anifit as consultants. Many animals should simply get to know this food and we are happy to be able to support people who are interested in a species-appropriate and healthy food.

Bernd and Iris Rumstich

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